3 blinds in a row

This A- list actress has been essentially living with one of her lawyers for the better part of the past six months. / As one of the conditions to a recent podcast interview, this A list actor was not asked about the phone records he refuses to turn over to authorities. / Speaking of foreign born A- list actresses, this franchise actress recently changed her medications and has been under 24/7 watch from friends after a really erratic weekend last week where her friends thought she was in danger of killing herself.

3 blinds in a row

Source: Crazy Days and Nights A child of this closeted permanent A list mostly movie actress had to go home early from school yesterday. Our actress is out of town. The person [read more]

Now, it is as if she doesn’t exist.

It was not all that long ago that this barely there celebrity offspring of an A list actor would be invited to family events. She was treated like crap at them, but invited. Now, it is as if she doesn't exist.


This A- list actor/killer threw a tantrum this past weekend because he didn't think his accommodations were nice enough.

3 blinds in a row

The foreign born A list dual threat actor is winning the award for most thirsty during Oscar season, but this A/A- list actress who is a multiple nominee, is really holding up her end of the water bottle for the acting category. / The wife of this A/A- list actor thinks another baby or two is the solution to their PR problems. / This A list mostly movie actor from an acting family says he has never listened to an album that has songs about him on it. The A+ list singer says that he has and told her he has. Who is lying?