12 Apr, 2022

Now, it is as if she doesn’t exist.

It was not all that long ago that this barely there celebrity offspring of an A list actor would be invited to family events. She was treated like crap at them, but invited. Now, it is as if she doesn't exist.

16 Mar, 2022


This A- list actor/killer threw a tantrum this past weekend because he didn't think his accommodations were nice enough.

28 Feb, 2022

3 blinds in a row

The foreign born A list dual threat actor is winning the award for most thirsty during Oscar season, but this A/A- list actress who is a multiple nominee, is really holding up her end of the water bottle for the acting category. / The wife of this A/A- list actor thinks another baby or two is the solution to their PR problems. / This A list mostly movie actor from an acting family says he has never listened to an album that has songs about him on it. The A+ list singer says that he has and told her he has. Who is lying?

21 Feb, 2022

Police in New Mexico want to speak to this A/A- list actor

Police in New Mexico want to speak to this A/A- list actor, but he is not willing to speak with them which is just going to drag the criminal part of this out much longer. I am more interested in why police can't seem to find a woman who was hired to the actor's assistant.

26 Jan, 2022

Deleted conversations..

Police would like to speak to this A list actor about items that were deleted from his phone prior to his turning it over. He previously implied that hundreds of messages were between himself and his attorney, but there are other conversations that have been deleted.

28 Dec, 2021

She is really getting paranoid.

The wannabe celebrity wife of an A list actor is really getting paranoid. She now thinks people are following her and are listening in on her phone calls and conversations. If she didn't need her phone to create thirst traps, she would have thrown them away.

28 Nov, 2021

How about asking her about the Spanish twins.

Once again, the wife who is only a celebrity because of who she married, is making a recent tragedy about how she has struggled to get through things. Instead of letting her get away with her violin stuff, how about asking her about the Spanish twins.

20 Nov, 2021

2 blinds in a row

Probably a deal was struck. The actor wouldn't tell the world his wife is really American and she wouldn't tell the world he is really five years older than he pretends to be. / One of the people this dual threat permanent A list actress has cut off from her life because of his beliefs over the past few months is her dog loving ex.