How far would you take a fake romance?

Well, it is Hollywood so lots of precedence for it.

The thing is though, they are generally just for that extra shot of publicity or to hide your sexuality.

Every year there are strategic hookups to find someone to accompany you during award season.

It is much easier to have someone for the entirety than to take your friend or parent or find a new date every night of the season. It is very rare though that someone is calculated enough to date someone in order to get enough attention to get nominated.

That is what this actress is doing.

She would have gone unnoticed in her miniseries, but she drags out the higher on the list boyfriend and then people start to pay attention.

She is going to go even further though.

She wants the whole world talking about them and possible marriage.

She is desperate for that award.

Emma Corrin

Rami Malek

A Murder at the End of the World

Emma Corrin and Rami Malek have been spotted together publicly for the first time since it was revealed they have moved in together.

The couple, known for their respective roles in “The Crown” and “Bohemian Rhapsody,” were seen leaving a private screening of Deadpool & Wolverine in London.

Reports suggest they have taken their relationship to the next level by sharing a £5 million house in Hampstead, where they moved in a few weeks ago.

Friends have hinted at a possible engagement in the near future, noting the couple’s serious commitment despite dating for less than a year.

Before Emma, Rami Malek was in a relationship with Lucy Boynton, his co-star from Bohemian Rhapsody.

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