Old Hollywood

This former A+ list mostly movie actor who was known for having s e x  with anyone, despite their age, died while north of the border.

The coroner used to always tell the tale of when he did the autopsy on the actor and noticed the great quantity of warts all over the actor’s genital area.

Errol Flynn

Vancouver, Canada

Errol Flynn, warts and all: How the broke Hollywood film star met his end in Vancouver

He had dodged shellfire during the Spanish Civil War, hung out in the mountains with rebel leader Fidel Castro during the Cuban Revolution, and there was that one time his friends pranked him by propping up the corpse of actor John Barrymore on his couch.

But a massive heart attack later, and the actor was laid up on a cold stainless steel table as Canadian pathologists broke apart his ribs with hand tools, sifted through his liquor-ravaged organs and scrutinized his legendary genitalia.

“It seemed, I thought at the time, an ignominious end for a famous movie star,” Vancouver coroner Glen McDonald would write later. “But that’s life. That’s death.”

A filmed-in-Italy production of William Tell had been a catastrophic loss, he was in trouble with the IRS and with a succession of wives demanding back alimony, Flynn had come to Canada to finalize the sale of his beloved Zaca, a 118 foot luxury sailing yacht that — according to legend — had been fitted with the rigging from Canada’s famed Bluenose.

Flynn encountered a press scrum when he arrived at the Vancouver Airport, where a local reporter asked him why he constantly seemed to be surrounded by underage girls. Flynn shot back “because they f— so good.”

Eighteen years before, when Flynn had tried to enlist for World War II, the United States military had rejected him as 4-F due to a cocktail of ailments including venereal disease, an enlarged heart and a benign lung tumour.

Two more decades of drinking, womanizing and even heroin use had not helped, and by the time Flynn lit up his first cigarette on British Columbian soil, he was essentially a walking time bomb.

The most notably damaged organ, it turned out, was Flynn’s penis, which was beset by a collection of enormous genital warts.

The warts were so large, in fact, that the city’s chief pathologist, Tom Harmon, removed them and preserved the specimens in formaldehyde with an eye of having them serve as a teaching aid to future generations of British Columbia doctors.

To this day, a piece of Flynn might still have resided in Canada if the bizarre act had not been caught by Mr. McDonald — who immediately scotch-taped the warts back into place.

Fortunately for Mr. McDonald, even as the body was subjected to a second autopsy in Los Angeles, nobody ever mentioned the Canadians’ unorthodox treatment of the late star’s famed member.

“How big was Errol Flynn’s penis?” wrote Mr. McDonald in 1985. “Errol Flynn was no larger and no smaller in his stature, his jewels, his endowment, than any other man. So there may well be hope for the inferior feeling males of the world if, indeed, that’s the sort of thing they’re concerned about.” – Source

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