This former A+ list athlete is known to all.

He had a lot of the typical relationships that attractive A list athletes have, but he also hid the fact that he enjoyed experimenting with men.

He will say he wasn’t groomed, but from a very young age, male coaches molested him and made him sleep in their beds.

One high profile relationship went crazy wrong when his significant other found out he also enjoyed men.

He had another high profile relationship with an older woman who knew lots of gay men and would call one up whenever our athlete wanted to explore.

In his long time marriage, his wife often just assumes the role of a man which seems to work out best for them.

He hasn’t gone looking in a long time.

 A+ list athlete: Andre Agassi

his significant other: Brooke Shields

his significant other – older woman : Barbra Streisand

his wife: Steffi Graf

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