It is ironic how the management of the A+ list foreign boyband is sending them to the White House to discuss anti-Asian hate crimes while staying silent about the dead victim of their rapist composer and threatening underage bullying victims of their new singer.

They only speak about social issues to get good publicity.

Big Hit Entertainment


Jung Bobby

Kim Garam

BTS headed to the White House to discuss anti-Asian hate

The K-pop sensation BTS is en route to the White House. The seven-member South Korean boyband will meet with President Joe Biden on Tuesday to discuss rising anti-Asian hate incidents and round out AANHPI Heritage Month.

“President Biden has previously spoken about his commitment to combating the surge of anti-Asian hate crimes,” a White House statement said. “President Biden and BTS will also discuss the importance of diversity and inclusion and BTS’ platform as youth ambassadors who spread a message of hope and positivity across the world.” – Source

Le Sserafim’s Kim Garam to step back from the K-pop girl group amid school bullying scandal

New K-pop girl group Le Sserafim will begin promoting as a five-member group after it was announced a sixth member, Kim Garam, is taking a break.

On May 20, Source Music, the label behind Le Sserafim, released a statement addressing rumours surrounding 16-year-old Kim, who was mired in controversy ahead of the group’s debut, accused of bullying and bad behaviour at school.

Source Music, a subsidiary of Hybe (the company behind BTS), has repeatedly stated that Kim was not an abuser but rather the victim.

The announcement of Kim’s hiatus followed reports on May 19 that a former classmate has brought a lawsuit against the performer.

Ever since Kim was unveiled as a member, Le Sserafim have been dogged by rumours that the teen has a history of school violence resulting in disciplinary action.

Source Music continues to deny most of the claims and rumours, and is pursuing legal action. It did not say how long Kim will be stepping away but that she needs the time off because of stress related to the accusations. – Source

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