There was a big pay dispute several years ago that almost saw the end of the voice behind this commercial cartoon character who sells a very boring product.

They agreed on a contract years ago.

This year, they didn’t.

It is a new voice you are hearing.

Jake Wood

The Geico Gecko


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Who is the voice of the Geico gecko?

Though there seems to be some conflicting information online (more on that later!), it appears that actor Jake Wood — who reportedly took on the voice of the Geico mascot in the mid 2000s, after several actors before him — is likely still voicing the gecko we know and love today.

Jake is British, which we can hear in the gecko’s accent. He’s had a steady acting career since the 1980s and has appeared on tons of TV shows.


Did the Geico gecko’s voice change?

According to The Mirror, Jake tweeted at the end of 2015 that the insurance company cut him when he didn’t want to want to take a big pay cut, although he didn’t say how big the cut was. Jake said on Twitter that the change saw “10 years undone in an instant.”

Although Jake initially tweeted about being replaced, according to Digital Spy, he deleted all of those soon after and then tweeted an apology about his outburst. “Hey Twitter, regarding a dispute I had with a lizard this week. I apologise,” he said. “I was upset. Moving on, nothing more to see.”

Although some outlets say Jake indeed stopped being the voice in 2015, other outlets report that as of 2021, Jake is still doing the voice of the gecko, so perhaps he’d been able to resolve things with the company back in 2015. (After all, he did delete those original tweets and issue the apology, so that could definitely mean they worked things out.) – Source

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