Fashion Week: Back in the day, this winner/nominee from last night was a fashion week terror.

Models would see him coming and scatter like roaches when the bathroom light is turned on.

When our actor was at the peak of his fame, he would attend any fashion week shows he could.

He had already gone through most of the models and actresses that were his type in LA. I mean he was A list at one point and everyone knew who he was.

He made a lot of movies that were much bigger overseas than here in the US.

So, he would hit up fashion week and the models that came from outside the country.

He was only interested in the Eastern European women.

I say women, but lets face it, he went legal, but barely legal.

He went for the most anorexic looking of the bunch and would give them the full court press of attention. 95% of the time it would work and he would hook up with them.

He would take them wherever he was staying and have his way with them.

He would try and get them drinking because he knew from experience they wouldn’t scream as much.

Our actor only liked having a n a l s e x with the women.

Rough a n a l s e x.

Most of these teens had little to no experience at s e x, let alone at a n a l  s e x and he would be brutal with them.

Older models knew to stay away from him and would try and warn the younger models, but there was too much turnover and too many shows for him to be completely stopped.

I thought about this when someone said they saw him talking to a very young actress at a party.

He was with his significant other, but I wonder if he was thinking of old times.

Colin Farrell

Kelly McNamara

Colin Farrell’s wild life – s e x tape, ‘unable to swim’ confession and drugs battle

Back in July 2022, Colin made an interesting confession exclusively to Daily Star.

Speaking to us and other press about starring in the biopic Thirteen Lives, he spoke about the “terrifying” moments he encountered when filming underwater.

Colin candidly revealed: “I can’t really swim, but there’s an element of not swimming in what we were doing.

“With scuba diving you accept the process of submerging. It’s a different world beneath the surface of the water,” adding “The technical aspect of it was quite nerve wracking.”

“There was a certain degree of comfort over time that we got, because obviously familiarity breeds comfort, but we really were newbies and we were just incredibly attentive, because of the importance of the story we were telling.”

Talking about working with the divers and filming underwater each day, he said: “We felt that spirit of collaboration the whole way throughout the shoot.”

When Colin’s career took off, he was linked to several famous women including the likes of Britney Spears and Angelina Jolie.

He was first linked to Amelia Warner, with the pair even rumoured to have tied the knot. However, Colin later dismissed rumours and claimed the ceremony not to be legal.

He then dated British writer Emma Forrest for around a year before being linked to Britney, Angelina and Demi Moore.

But these days Colin likes to keep his private life away from the spotlight, with it last reported that his current girlfriend is Kelly McNamara, whom he has apparently been with since 2017.

The most recent report about the couple’s relationship was in 2021.

In a previous interview with Ellen DeGeneres, he said: “My girlfriend she travels a lot as well with work, so often times we’re two ships passing in the night, but we make sure to find a port that we can, you know, rendezvous at.”

Back in December 2005, Colin checked into a rehab due to recreational drug and painkiller addictions.

Speaking about the ordeal while being interviewed by David Letterman on the Late Show, Colin spoke candidly about his stint in the centre.

He told the American chat show host: “There was an energy that was created, a character that was created, that no doubt benefited me.

“And then there was a stage where it all began to crumble around me.”

Not long after his stint in rehab, Colin filed a lawsuit against his ex-girlfriend Nicole Narain and the Internet Commerce Group (ICG) for the unauthorised public distribution of a 13-minute s e x tape they had made in 2003.

Colin was reportedly offered a whopping $5 million (£4,126,150) for its rights.

Although ICG tried to release the s e x tape, Colin’s ex Nicole said that she would work with him to ensure that the tape would remain private.

Colin claimed that Nicole tried to release it in order to damage his career and “make money out of it” – something that the American model denied.

In April 2006, the parties reached a confidential settlement. – Source

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