This F1 driver has been obsessed with PR for a few months now and wants his name everywhere all of the time.

Surpassing his level of thirst, is his girlfriend.

Her thirst is unmatched.

Even though he and his girlfriend stay in separate hotel rooms and do not live in the same house, they pretend to be a couple.

As the game has gone on longer, her demands have begun to increase.

She knows he needs her.

She treats him accordingly.

Is the driver doing this for the club?

Is he stressed about the most popular driver who will be his teammate next year?

Max Verstappen

Kelly Piquet

Max Verstappen defended his girlfriend, Kelly Piquet, against online abuse after she addressed false accusations circulating on social media.

Piquet, a Brazilian model with a significant online presence, spoke out against rumors and false claims related to her personal life, including past relationships.

Verstappen, the Formula One world champion, publicly supported Piquet, condemning the accusations as insane and calling for an end to online hate.

Piquet, daughter of former F1 driver Nelson Piquet, emphasized the damaging impact of misinformation online and called for more responsible use of social media.


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