One actor you won’t be seeing contributing to GLAAD anytime soon is this almost A+ list mostly movie actor.

Reporters know not to ask any questions about his stance on homosexuality because he won’t answer the question and will walk out of the interview.

He is a big enough star where he gets to decide who interviews him and those people know the rules.

He dumped several women before he met his wife because he heard they had threesomes which included other women.

He doesn’t do that. There are reports that he used to pick fights in bars with guys he suspected of being gay and then beat them.

He has literally no tolerance for anyone in his life who might be gay.

You will never see him knowingly work with anyone who is gay.

He is perhaps the most homophobic person in Hollywood which is saying something because he owes his career to some very gay people and fans who gave him his big break.

Mark Wahlberg (underwear ads for Calvin Klein; Annie Leibovitz shot a famous session of Mark Wahlberg in underwear for Vanity Fair’s annual Hall of Fame issue)


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