This guy is one of the main guys in Hollywood you want to avoid if you are a woman. He is right up there with Ryan O’ Neal in how poorly he treats women. He is an actor and a director and a producer and uses those last two to take advantage of tons of women every year. He would love to get you drunk or passed out so he can take advantage of you. One of his favorite games is to have you passed out and then strip you naked and take photos which he uses against you. He won’t force sex on you unless you are sober. One former almost A list mostly movie actress found out the hard way that he is vindictive. She passed out one night and he did the stripping and photos trick and then when she dumped him because she needed rehab, he sent out her photos to everyone he could while she was in rehab and had no idea until she got out what he had done. As an actor he is probably C list, with B+ name recognition. He is B list when it comes to directing and producing and flirted with A list. Very recognizable face from some very big movies. He was married once, but he slept with more women during his marriage than he did with his wife. She says he was having sex with women two to three times each week and they were generally all casting couch victims. He loves sucking them dry. He loves anyone who can help him get ahead and his latest girlfriend is just that. He already has her agreeing to work with him and she has a drinking problem which he loves because its easier to make them feel like crap. He loves doing that. He is in the top ten worst people in Hollywood.

Peter Berg



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