This D-list mostly television actor, with probably B-list name recognition, was seen chatting up this former D-list mostly television actor, now on the bubble of B-list celebrity. What were they talking about besides man whoring and lifting weights? Divorce attorneys. Right there in the juice bar of the gym, they were cackling away like a couple of old hens about how they need to find a way to get divorced and not get cleaned out. “It’s cheaper to keep her!” was roared about ad nauseam as they toasted protein shakes and giggled like a couple of goons. This A+ list celebrity, who went through quite a messy tabloid battle of his own, walked into the juice bar after his workout, and the two idiots called him over to their table like he would A.) Even know who they are, and B.) Would even know who they are. But, he’s an ok dude, so he went over to see what they were talking about. The dynamic duo then went into their little comedy routine, and when they were finished, the A+ lister looked blankly at them and said, “You have kids with these women?” the B-lister said, “yes” and the D-lister said, “Only with my first wife.” The A+-lister nodded his head, “You might want to think about that before making their mother a punchline” turned around and walked away. The D-lister said something snide about the A+-lister’s tabloid past, so the A+ lister turned to them and said, “You’re X, right?” The D-lister nodded, “Well X, you might want to double check those producer lists of the things you’re reading for. I’m on a lot of them.” then resumed walking away.

D-list mostly television actor:
B-list celebrity: Mario Lopez
A+ list celebrity:


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