This young TV and film actress is very hot right now.

However, behind, the scenes, producers are quietly warning each other that she is crazy and that they need to take precautions when working with her!

A producer who has worked with the actress was asked by another producer if he should hire her for a specific part.

“He said that she’s a good actress and you’ll get a good performance out of her… but you have to be very careful when you work with her.

You have to make sure she is NEVER left alone with a male cast or crew member!”

It turns out that she was blatantly hitting on male crew members if she was left alone with them, and then lashing out if they rejected her. She was so annoyed about one rejection that she went to production and claimed that HE had tried to hit on HER… and tried to get him fired!

This made a lot of male cast and crew member nervous because many of them had been on the receiving end of similar behavior from the actress, and nobody wanted to lose their jobs.

“All the male cast and crew members were warned that they needed to be careful, and they were not to put themselves in a situation where they could be alone with her, either on set or off set.”

Despite the caution, though, it seems that her talent will triumph over her personal behavior for now.

“The producer kept calling her “crazy” and telling the other producer that he needed to be really careful.

They laughed about it, though, and concluded that even if she is crazy, she may be perfect for the part because the character is crazy, too!”

Bella Thorne


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