It is tough to be a permanent A list actor and a permanent A list director, but if you live as long as this guy has, then, you might have a chance.

He has definitely made and starred in some incredible movies.

He also made some incredible duds.

He has not been married as many times as you would think, but for someone who espouses such conservative opinions, he has lived a life that is anything but.

I won’t bother to recite every indiscretion because that will take a biographer and a book.

You can fill a book just with the crazy things he has done. I’m going to focus on one point in his life.

It can be argued that the 70’s was his prime as an actor.

Women literally threw themselves at him.

He was great at staying out of the tabloids and made sure the women he involved himself with could stay quiet too.

He met one of the loves of his life at a party.

Not just any party.

This was a no holds barred Laurel Canyon 70’s orgy.

Yeah, he does not really seem the orgy type.

He was the type to go to an orgy and pick out one or two women and take them to his place.

Oh, and definitely no drugs.

Picks up women stoned and wasted but won’t touch any for himself.

The night he met her she was being pulled into a room about to have sex with a guy and another woman.

Our actor steps in and takes both of the women and leads them back to his place.

So, they go back to his place and enjoy some threesome fun.

The woman with whom he was about to embark on a relationship actually left the next morning while the other stayed for a few days and brought over other women.

Our actor had a serious kink.

The other woman showed up a few days later and explained her situation.

She was married, but was in an open relationship.

Very open.

Over the next few years, the couple engaged in threesomes almost every time they had sex.

There would be other women and other men.

The girlfriend became pregnant multiple times and had multiple abortions.

It was a crazy time.

In addition to the sex there were also the fights.

Legendary ones.

Today, police would have been called all the time.

Back then, they came a few times and when they saw the actor they didn’t do anything about it.

When they split, it was one of the few times our actor was splashed all over the tabloids.

Clint Eastwood
Sondra Locke


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