No tabloids are talking about the real story which is this foreign born A list mostly movie actor who is the latest person to fill the long running franchise had a woman taking care of him while he was injured who wasn’t his wife.

The two were everywhere in public.

Why am I the only one saying anything?

The tabloids know.

Do they fear not going to the premiere?

Daniel Craig

Wife: Rachel Weisz

‘Bond 25’ Suspends Shooting After Daniel Craig Injury

The difficult road to production on the latest James Bond film has hit another hurdle after shooting was reportedly suspended following an injury to star Daniel Craig. According to British newspaper The Sun, the actor fell while sprinting on the set in Jamaica last week and has been flown to the U.S. for X-rays, resulting in a suspension of the shoot.

The newspaper cited an unnamed source as saying that Craig was shooting one of his final scenes in Jamaica. “He was sprinting during filming when he slipped and fell quite awkwardly,” the source said. “He was in quite a lot of pain and was complaining about his ankle.”

While it is unknown how long the production might be delayed, The Sun reports that filming at London’s iconic Pinewood Studios, which had been scheduled to begin at the end of the week, has been canceled.- Source

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