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What the former A+ list hip hop mogul forgot to share from his “admission,” is that his celebrity ex was 12 when he met her, and not almost legal.

Russell Simmons

Kimora Lee Simmons

“She Was Legal At 17” Russell Simmons Defends Dating Kimora Lee Simmons As A Teenager – May 2020

As we’ve reported before, on numerous occasions at this point, Hip Hop mogul Russell Simmons is currently facing several accusations of se.xual assault, including rape. The revelation has had people looking and questioning quite a few of his life choices since he’s been in the public eye, including his marriage to Kimora Lee Simmons.

Earlier this week, Russell posted a throwback picture of him and his ex-wife Kimora, wishing her a happy birthday.

While most of the comments joined in on wishing Kimora a happy birthday, there was someone who questioned the timing of their relationship and whether Russell started dating Kimora when she was a teenager.

The short answer is yes.

While he admitted that he usually doesn’t respond to inquiries about the timeline of their relationship, this time he did. And while his response has since been deleted, The Jasmine Brand, caught a screenshot of what Russell had to say.

“I never do this but…. That’s not true… She turned 18 right after i met her February fashion week Tyra banks (our bridesmaid) Cindy Crawford Naomi were all back stage at the Mary McFadden show they said i was a modelizer and that i wasn’t gonna stick around… i think that may have inspired her [laughing emoji] (the challenge). “We got to know each other by May we were dating. She was legal at 17 But she turned 18 that may her mother and her manager Bethann Hardison approved supported and Rushed us (we really didn’t need a push) and the love affair began People like to talk every so often i loose my cool and talk back so take this advice Be happy and share happiness… try to think uplifting thoughts and keep learning to practice love… that’s our goal… oh and celebrate the queen @kimoraleesimmons”

What Russell neglects to mention in this explanation is that when Kimora was 17, he was 35. So regardless of whether or not his now ex-wife was legal at the time they met or not, the relationship was a bit…questionable from its inception.

Russell and Kimora married six years after their initial meeting. Russell was 41 and Kimora was 23. – Source

Russell Simmons Evades Rape Lawsuit Due to Statute of Limitations – Nov 2020

Russell Simmons has won the 2018 lawsuit claiming he raped and intimidated a Jane Doe, not by proving his innocence, but on a technicality. According to the The Hollywood Reporter, a judge has ruled that the allegation falls outside the statute of limitations. A Jane Doe filed a $10 million lawsuit in March 2018 alleging se.xual battery and intentional and negligent infliction of emotional distress. The music producer denied her claims, as he has all of the assault claims against him. Judge Mark H. Epstein of the Los Angeles Superior Court entered judgment in favor of Simmons on the grounds that Jane Doe’s claims were from an alleged incident in 1988 and were therefore past the statue of limitations. Epstein found that she would’ve needed to file her claim in 1990 or, if she argued that Simmons didn’t permanently live in the state at the time, it would need to be filed by 2014. Jane Doe had two weeks to file an opposition to the motion, and when she did not, the judge ruled in Simmons’s favor on November 13.

Earlier this year, eight women came forward with allegations of se.xual assault against Simmons, in the HBO Max documentary On the Record. Drew Dixon, Sil Lai Abrams, Sheri Sher, Alexia Norton Jones, Kelly Cutrone, Tina Baker, Keri Claussen Khalighi, and one anonymous woman bravely shared their harrowing experiences in the music industry. In total, the doc refers to 20 different women who have accused Simmons of se.xual assault and misconduct. – Source

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