EMMY Awards

What started out as just a few words before the show turned into yelling after the show when this out of work late night actress got into a war of words with a part-time red carpet host/infrequent eater.

Vanessa Bayer – SNL

Giuliana Rancic

During a red carpet interview with E! News host Jason Kennedy, Vanessa Bayer revealed details of a Saturday Night Live sketch that never made it to air.

Apparently, the sketch parodied the E! News hosts, including Kennedy himself. The host had to double-check that Taran Killam was actually playing him, not Ryan Seacrest — but Bayer confirmed that it was indeed Kennedy in the sketch. And while we probably won’t ever get to see the full segment, Bayer did do a great impression of Giuliana Rancic at the end of her interview with Kennedy.

Bayer honed in on Rancic’s signature phrase, which seems to be calling her viewers “you guys.” – Source

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