Hearts are breaking all over the world since this cute young male performer has been seen on a few dates with this pretty girl! We want to explain to his fans (he has a lot more fans than she does) exactly what’s going on behind the scenes. Yes, it’s totally a public relations gig. Each of them gets to be seen with a famous, hot, desirable member of the opposite sex, and the press gets pics of a gorgeous young couple at the peak of their fame. Each of them also has their reputation boosted as a desirable heterosexual celebrity. It works for both of them, the two of them don’t mind hanging out together, and their respective teams are happy with the arrangement. In fact, this relationship is a lot like his famous relationship last year with that very pretty singer. No, we don’t know if he’s become a better actor since then!

Boy: Harry Styles
Girl: Cara Delevingne
Very Pretty Singer: Taylor Swift

Source: http://blindgossip.com

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