This waiter says he has never run into this problem before. He is a waiter in a great place to eat in Toronto and to make ends meet he does a little gay escort work. Not much, and only for the clientele who can afford to pay him a lot of money. He meets them at his job where he waits tables and if the person is interested in him, they leave him his fee as a tip to the bill. He then meets them that night. Well, this week, he had two A list mostly movie actors who he has been with before show up at the same time to his restaurant and they both gave him huge tips. It was the first time he had ever been asked by two people at the same time and he didn’t want to make either one mad but he took the A+ list mostly movie actor because he is a better customer and will tip again at the end of the night while the A list mostly movie actor can be rude, doesn’t always shower and never tips again. This was last night so I don’t know if he is seeing the cheapskate A lister tonight or not.


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