At a recent birthday party for a foreign born superhero, there was a photographer hired by the talent agency of the actor to take photos.

Those photos were then uploaded to social media. Then, suddenly one of the photos was deleted. It showed this foreign born alliterate actor being kissed, and not in a chastely way, by a professional beard/thirsty actress for hire.

Is she looking for a new contract after her most recent one expired? Is it something more?

Robert Pattinson
The Batman

foreign born alliterate actor: Sebastian Stan

Annabelle Wallis

Expired one: Chris Pine

Annabelle Wallis and Sebastian Stan Dating Rumors Spread Like Wildfire After Robert Pattinsons Party Photos Reach The Internet

The internet is going crazy after seeing pictures from Robert Pattinson’s birthday party. Likewise, the photos of Sebastian Stan and Anabelle Wallis are going viral on the internet.

As the pictures from Robert Pattinson’s birthday party go viral online, the dating rumors of Annabelle Wallis and Sebastian Stan circulate on the internet.

In the intimate picture, Wallis seems to be kissing Stan. They are closely hugging each other in the picture, and the position does not look like how friends would greet each other.

People claim that the photographer who released these pictures has removed Stan’s and Wallis’s pictures from the internet. But, netizens were quick to share it and save those pictures. So, they are all over Twitter now.

It is already viral on the internet, and there are different kinds of speculations ongoing. Firstly, people are shocked to find them in that situation because Stan is reportedly dating the Spanish actress Alejandra Onieva. – Source

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