It all started as a way for this A+ list entertainer (singer) to try and stop her husband from always cheating.

They agreed he would stop cheating and she agreed to allow another woman into the bedroom.

They picked someone who they both knew and that the husband was mentoring.

What the wife didn’t find out until later was that her husband had a sexual history with the woman brought in to spice things up.

Our A+ lister hit it off with the woman immediately. They went everywhere together and talked and texted all the time.

They were inseparable. Our A+ lister had previously never been with a woman but she was more than willing with this woman.

She welcomed it and she was also happy because it seemed as if her husband had changed.

He was staying faithful and never suspected the past history between the woman and her husband.

She also didn’t know that her husband was continuing to see the woman away from the threesomes.

Because the woman was so involved in their lives, what used to be a once a month thing between the husband and the other woman soon turned into a once a week thing and then almost daily.

The other woman was with the husband frequently and would come running whenever he called.

Our A+ lister was told by an employee what was happening and when she confronted the other woman the other woman lied and said nothing was happening.

Our A+ lister then confronted her husband who admitted what had been going on.

Our A+ lister and husband almost split at that point because the husband said he had feelings for the other woman.

This was not just a one time thing.

For a period of about three months the A+ lister and her husband didn’t spend much time together at all.

It was only after the husband jettisoned the other woman from his life and set her up with her current love interest that the A+ lister finally was ready to forgive.

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