This pop princess is suspected of having a split personality — one male, the other female. Don’t believe me.. Jut ask Rita Ora, who’s said to know the other half of the “If I Were A Boy” singer all too well. Know why? Because Rita’s threesome with our mystery lady, and her husband, reportedly turned to a twosome — with our blind item wearing the strap-on. We’re told during the 2003 filming of “The Fighting Temptations”, she became a regular in Atlanta’s lesbian scene — reported to have used her time off the set to hit the girl bars. Sources say she does the same whenever she’s on tour, making her familiar with many lesbian bars across the country. Here’s the drop: “When she was on tour with her dancers and gay stylist Ty Hunter, she made up the excuse of picking up the latest dance tips from the clubs – when she was really picking up girls, sending Ty Hunter to get their phone numbers.” She may front an image of innocence, but many don’t know — just like her female counterparts — she’s slept her way to the top. Now, can you guess which industry sista — whose weave led to stunting her hair growth — I’m talking about?

Popular guess: Beyonce


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