This model is horrified that something negative she said about a client became public.

“Yes, it’s true that she said it, but she never thought it would get out there.

She knows that she blew it.

You’re supposed to keep your mouth shut, finish the gig, get paid.

That’s it.

You NEVER make the client or their product look bad!

If you have a problem, you ask your agent not to book you with them anymore.

You don’t go around mouthing off about the client.”

How is she going to fix this?

“Watch her do a bunch of informal P.R. in the next few weeks to try to make people forget about it.

She normally hates the paps, but for the near future they are on speed dial.”

Alessandra Ambrosio
Maxim owner

“Alessandra Ambrosio ‘creeped out by new Maxim owner who lurked on set for entire two-day photo shoot and insisted on posing with the supermodel in one of the pictures’

Supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio is apparently furious after the new owner of Maxim published a picture of them together without her permission.

The December cover girl shot a spread for the men’s magazine in Monte Carlo this summer, and sources tell the New York Post that she was ‘creeped out’ by new owner Sardar Biglari, who ‘hung around on the set’ for the entire two-day shoot.

During the course of the shoot, the 34-year-old Brazilian stunner was reportedly asked to pose for a picture with Biglari, and an insider told the Post that she only agreed on the condition that fashion director Wayne Gross promise not to publish the picture.

But she received a shock this month when she found the picture printed as a two-page spread in the magazine.

The photo shows Ambrosio, leaning against a balcony at the Hotel de Paris in a short black dress while Biglari sits at a nearby table puffing on a cigar.

Typically, the magazine’s editor in chief would have shown Ambrosio the selected photos before publishing, but editorial change-ups this fall meant that Kate Lanphear stepped down from her role as editor in October, following Gross in September. It’s unclear if either had relayed Ambrosio’s wishes for the photo spread to the rest of the staff.
While sources told the Post that Ambrosio was upset with the photo shoot, officially a spokesman for the model says they have ‘no comment on that’.

Milos Blagojevic, at Full Picture Management, pointed out that the model had no trouble with the cover photo, something she tweeted about proudly.

The photographer of the shoot has also denied there was any trouble between Ambrosio and Biglari on the set.

‘In absolutely no way did the described situation occur,’ Gilles Bensimmon said in a statement issued through Maxim.

‘Alessandra was a dream to work with and enjoyed the photo shoot. She was incredibly pleased with both her cover and the spread.’

Biglari, an Iranian-born investor, purchased Maxim in 2014 for $12million, and insiders say he had been boasting about the photo shoot with Ambrosio for weeks.
While sources told the Post that Ambrosio was upset with the photo shoot, officially a spokesman for the model says they have ‘no comment on that’. ”

It was the second time in two weeks she did it. Impressive.

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