This A list mostly movie actress who has directed, thinks her A list ex was sleeping with a woman who was investigating the actor, which is why the actress lost a case against the actor.

Angelina Jolie

Brad Pitt

Angelina Jolie Might Be Suing the FBI as Jane Doe … Over Pitt Plane Incident

11:07 AM PT — A source connected to Angelina and Brad with knowledge tells TMZ … the FBI report was given to both Angelina and Brad following the initial investigation. The source adds the information was submitted in the divorce case.


Angelina Jolie may be trying to sue the FBI over the Brad Pitt plane incident involving their son — but if it is her, she’s proceeding anonymously … having just gotten the green light to do it.

Jolie has been speculated as the person behind a recent Jane Doe lawsuit filed against the federal agency over a FOIA request — one the feds have apparently denied this woman as it pertains to an investigation they undertook a few years back involving alleged abuse on a private jet … this according to a new report from Politico.

This woman has apparently been asking the FBI to hand over documents from their investigation, but claims she’s been getting the cold shoulder … so, she’s suing them over it — but before she dives in on this case, she wanted her identity to remain under wraps.

A judge just signed off on that request this week … so she’ll move forward here as Jane Doe. The reason she says she wants to stay hidden — the “impact on the privacy of her client’s minor children,” so says this woman’s attorney … big shot Amanda Kramer.

That seems to be another tell in some folks’ eyes that Angie may be the mystery woman trying to dig up these docs. Based on all the info she’s cited in docs thus far, obtained by TMZ, it would appear her description of the incident tracks with what happened in 2016. – Source

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