Apparently Kneepads has decided the man who killed his pregnant wife and two kids is a s.e.x.y. killer and they get a lot of clicks when they show him not in a prison cell or his mugshot, but rather perpetuate him as some sort of guy who didn’t kill his family and is the kind of guy you want to spend Thanksgiving with.

It is pretty sick.


Chris Watts

Chris Watts Is Sending ‘Racy’ Letters to Multiple Women from His Prison Cell: Sources

Chris Watts, the man who murdered his pregnant wife and two daughters, has been corresponding with several women for years — and now a jail source tells PEOPLE that the convicted killer is sending “racy” letters to some of them.

“They send sexy pictures, and he responds,” says the source, who has spoken with Watts several times in jail. “There are a lot of women who think he’s handsome and misunderstood. They send a lot of letters.”

Watts, who is serving a life sentence in a federal prison in Wisconsin, has bought a lot of stamps and paper from the commissary, PEOPLE confirms. Prisoners are allowed to correspond with people, as long as there are no threats to anyone’s safety. They are not allowed to send or receive pornography, but there are no rules against suggestive photos.

“He’s got nothing else to do,” says the source. “So he feeds his ego in that way. Because he’s not popular at all in prison. He’s in protective custody. The only outlet he has is with these letters.” – Source

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