In addition to getting plastic surgery and new breasts, the child murderer has finally admitted to killing her child.

The documentary filmmakers won’t ask her about that though.

This is geared towards her side of the story.

Casey Anthony

Casey Anthony Is Producing an Authorized Documentary About Her Daughter’s Death

A decade after she was controversially acquitted for the murder of her 2-year-old daughter, Casey Anthony is producing a documentary about the case in an apparent bid to clear her name. TMZ reports that Anthony is teaming up with movie producers Tamra Simmons and Ebony Porter-Ike to develop the movie, described as an “authorized” documentary with Anthony executive producing.

The untitled documentary will reportedly tell the story of the horrific case from Anthony’s point of view. This is very significant as Anthony never took the stand during her trial, nor has she ever explained what really happened to the public. Anthony and her co-producers say she’s “finally ready to clear her name, bring justice to her daughter and begin the process of establishing her daughter’s legacy in a different light.”

Additionally, the producers are claiming that “many of the revelations will be shocking,” finally providing answers to big questions people have had about the case and Anthony’s behavior for more than a decade. Though she was acquitted, most people familiar with the case seem to believe that the evidence strongly suggests Anthony is guilty, often drawing comparisons to O.J. Simpsons’ acquittal for a double murder in 1994.- Source

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