Has the reality star who just came out done some awful things for which he should be called out?


All the time.

However, this former reality star really should look at her best friend and say a few words.

You know, the best friend that is in jail for raping underage girls.

Colton Underwood
The Bachelor

Former reality star: Carole Radziwill
Housewives of New York

Ghislaine Maxwell

Carole Radziwill launches fresh attack on ‘criminal’ Colton Underwood for ‘stalking and harassing’ ex-girlfriend Cassie Randolph – after blasting him for going on The Bachelor when he came out as gay

The 57-year-old ex-Real Housewives star questioned why ‘the entire country’ is ‘celebrating’ Underwood, 29, despite the fact that he ‘stalked’ his ex

Randolph, who dated Underwood for more than a year after being chosen as his winner on The Bachelor, requested a restraining order against him in September

She accused him of sending her ‘unsettling text messages,’ harassing her friends and family, repeatedly calling her, and texting her from fake numbers

Radziwill made the comment on Twitter after coming under fire for questioning why Underwood, 29, went on The Bachelor when ‘he thought he might be gay’

She insisted that she is not trying to ‘police his story which includes criminal behavior’ but suggested that he had ‘used’ the women he dated on The Bachelor

Underwood came out in an interview with Good Morning America on Wednesday, revealing that his struggle with his sexuality left him suicidal

Radziwill offered ‘congratulations’ to Underwood, but asked why he took part in a reality dating show while still ‘processing’ his sexuality

She also suggested that ABC needs to be ‘better’ about ‘vetting its contestants’

Radziwill’s tweets sparked controversy online, with some criticizing her for ‘commenting on the journey of a gay man… as a straight woman’ – Source

The Truth About Carole Radziwill & Ghislaine Maxwell

Ghislaine Maxwell set Carole Radziwill up with Prince Andrew

During her February 2020 interview on Heather McDonald’s podcast, Carole Radziwill explained that she and Jeffrey Epstein’s ex-girlfriend, Ghislaine Maxwell, “were friendly in the early 2000s.” Radziwill remarked, “People are gonna regret saying mean things about me if they’re saying mean things about my friendship [with Maxwell].”

However, the RHONY alum emphasized that they weren’t close, sharing, “To be honest, I haven’t seen her and really talked to her in over a decade. I don’t remember. I think the last time I saw her was at a movie screening for Amelia Earhart or something. It was a movie [where] somehow she was involved.”

That said, long before they actually met in person, Maxwell set up some dinners between Radziwill and Prince Andrew. The New York Times best-selling author recalled, “Right after my husband [Anthony Radziwill] died [of cancer] in 1999, I was in London … for the holidays, because I just wasn’t handling things perfectly. I just wanted to get away and I didn’t want to be around anyone … And I was there kind of on my own.” Radziwill revealed, “Ghislaine and I had a very good mutual friend … So, randomly, I get a phone call from Ghislaine Maxwell, who I never had heard of, didn’t know, and she said, ‘Our friend, Lisa, told me to call you … I know a lot of people in London and I want to make sure you’re okay and you have things to do.’ And it was very nice.”

About a half hour after Carole Radziwill got off the phone with Ghislaine Maxwell back in December 1999, she explained on Heather McDonald’s podcast, she received another call — this time from Prince Andrew. Assuming that he’d been filled in on her husband’s passing, the former ABC journalist claimed that the Duke of York had said, “I would like to take you to dinner and to the ballet, if you’d like. I would love to do that for you.”

And so they did — but at that point, Radziwill still only knew Maxwell via phone call. She went on to reveal, “Six months later, back in New York … I met Ghislaine … I think at a movie screening or something like that. And then we got to be friendly for a few years.” While Radziwill’s name reportedly appeared in Epstein’s “little black book” years later, she noted that “this was before all this Epstein stuff [came out],” and added that that she never actually knew him: “I was at one party, like a cocktail party with a lot of people, that I think he was at … I didn’t meet him other than to say, ‘Hi, nice to meet you.'” – Source

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