There have been dings in the armor before.

A nick or two here and there but things have been controlled the way they always are.

This family might change all of that.

They have the potential and capability to bring down an entire empire unlike anything seen before.

It would be catastrophic because they know everything and are never shy about truth telling.

Well, as long as it benefits them. It starts with this former B list television/movie actress who has an A++ list name and does not really act any longer.

Go ahead and ask her a question about her family but she won’t answer. Oh she might give you some type of vague platitude but she can’t and won’t talk about them. None.

Behind the scenes there is an epic battle which will cause all kinds of destruction to the thing she holds most sacred and has the potential to bring down a very powerful organization. There are literally generations in this family taking sides and there is plenty of money that is being offered or threatened for each person willing to commit to a side.

Meanwhile the organization is doing everything they can to prepare themselves in advance if the most well known B list celebrity in the family starts naming names and secrets she knows.

Organization: Scientology
B list televions/move actress: Priscilla Presley
B list celebrity: Lisa Marie Presley


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