This failed singer took a side.

She thinks that if she takes the side of the barely there celebrity offspring of a barely there celebrity, that somehow the significant other of the barely there celebrity will get her some features and better management.

I think everyone is ready to see the feud end between the A- list actress and the barely there celebrity.

Failed singer : Justine Skye

Barely there celebrity offspring: Hailey Baldwin  (Stephen Baldwin)

Justin Bieber

A- list actress: Selena Gomez

Hailey Bieber gets dragged after BFF ‘shades’ Selena Gomez online

Hailey Bieber can’t seem to catch a break from controversy surrounding her husband Justin Bieber’s ex-Selena Gomez, with the latest scandal erupting after her BFF Justine Skye seemed to throw shade at Selena over the weekend.

In screenshots shared extensively online by fans, Justine took to Snapchat to share a snap that read, “Making TikToks everyday like you haven’t got a shitty makeup brand to run? Hmmm… Just whack as hell.”

Fans of Selena were quick to react to the snap, seemingly directed towards the Rare Beauty founder, who has been quite active on TikTok recently.

Backlash was quick and intense, with fans not only defending Selena, but also her makeup brand, with one fan writing, “Yeah let’s not act like Rare Beauty is not good. Selena snapped!”

Another commented, “Rare Beauty is one of the best celebrity makeup brands on the market you have to give Selena her 10s.”

Yet another Selena fan said: “Sorry, her acting like RARE beauty isn’t successful to make her friend (Hailey) feel better is hilarious.”

Justine has since responded to the controversy, saying that her Snapchat account was ‘hacked’, however, fans seem less than convinced. – Source

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