We have had several blind items in the past about celebrities who hired surrogates and faked their pregnancies.

A prominent California fertility doctor is now verifying that he has been personally involved in these fake pregnancies!

In the upcoming TLC special, Jodie Marsh Is Making Babies, Marsh has an interesting conversation with Dr. Vicken Sahakian, Medical Director of the Pacific Fertility Center, based in California.

“This doctor has inside information about “social surrogacy” – celebrities getting other women to carry their babies for them as they don’t want to be pregnant – and may have even performed [the IVF procedures] himself.”

Sahakian tells Marsh that he has helped several rich and famous celebrities have their babies via surrogate in order to preserve their own figures. “Typically these are women who prefer not to get pregnant and not to go though the process of pregnancy for many different reasons.

For instance, if you are a model or an actress and your income is based on performing and how you look, and pregnancy will ruin that for year or more.”

Dr. Sahakian said he has had a number of “well-known” clients over the years who have opted for a social surrogacy.

He refused to give any names but said some have even faked their own pregnancies while secretly using a surrogate!

Marsh asks him: “So some have used a surrogate, then stuffed a pillow up their [sweater]?”

Sahakian responds: “We are talking about well-known women.

It would be taboo for them to admit they used a social surrogate.

I have had a couple of patients who pretended they were pregnant, yes.

[They are] very famous clients but I am not giving any names.”

Nicole Kidman
Kevin Jonas’ wife Danielle
Kelly Preston, Madonna (Rocco)
Coco Austin

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