Part 1: This band-in-a-hotel story happened a few months ago. The story started to leak out, but the band’s management and PR team made a series of calls and successfully stuffed it back into the closet so it wouldn’t hurt their reputation. But we’re going to tell you all about it now! This very popular band was staying at a nice hotel in a foreign country. As usual, there were a large number of fans waiting outside the hotel to try and meet them after the show. However, the band members wanted to blow off a little steam first, so they didn’t go back to the hotel. Instead they went out to a club, drank heavily and snorted a ton of cocaine. Yes, despite their lovely image, they do drugs. Lots of drugs. They were so drunk and high and out of control that that their management didn’t want them interacting with any fans at all when they returned. So they sneaked them all in through the back entrance of the hotel and escorted them up to their rooms. Yes, there were hundreds of disappointed fans outside. But those fans had no idea what was going down inside the hotel after the band returned that night. Total drama and chaos! More later today.

Part 2: So, the band sneaked back into the hotel through the back entrance – leaving hundreds of disappointed fans outside – and were brought up to their rooms. Although it is a large hotel, the band had reserved an entire floor for privacy. In addition to the band members, there were crew members, management, and a couple of female significant others along. Most people shared rooms. Pretty typical for a concert tour. The “sleeping arrangements” were rather interesting. Each of the girls was assigned their own room, and the guys were assigned to single rooms or no rooms at all. Presumably, those without room assignments were going to be staying in the rooms with the women. But everyone didn’t exactly stay in the room to which they were assigned! Some of the boys continued to party when they got back to the hotel. Yes, they had brought cocaine back with them. They were high out of their minds, running through the halls, banging on doors, and yelling, “Everybody up! Wake the fuck up!” wanting more company for their cocaine fest. But the real drama came in the wee hours of the morning, when one of the women emerged from her room, crying. Her boyfriend had been doing coke for hours at that point, and wasn’t slowing down. She told the hotel staff that her boyfriend was high and wouldn’t let her go to sleep because he kept wanting to have sex. She had some kind of engagement to go to the next morning for her own career, and needed to be up early. The hotel booked another room for her, her tears stopped, and she wound up sleeping solo in a room on a separate floor. One more story to tell.

Part 3: We have an update for fans of a certain boyband who don’t know what it is going on behind the scenes. Two of the boys wanted to take a winter vacation together. Just the two of them – without fake girlfriends, or other friends, or other band members around. As of today, it doesn’t look like a vacation with just the two of them is going to happen. The two guys aren’t exactly enamored with each other right now. It’s not like they hate each other. They are still close. But their personal, intimate relationship has become increasingly difficult to manage. There are several reasons for this. We’ll tell you about the first one now, and fill you in on the rest later. The first point of contention… is another guy! He is not a member of the band. He had a relationship with one of our boys. Nobody likes to be cheated on, and it caused a major series of fights between our two boybanders. “How could you cheat on me? And of all the people in the world, why did it have to be with him?”

Group: One Direction
Boybander 1: Harry Styles
Boybander 2: Louis Tomlinson
Other guy: Nick Grimshaw
Boyfriend: Zayn Malik
Crying girlfriend: Perrie Edwards


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