It’s been a rough weekend for this C-list celebrity.

First, their significant other/spouse was gone and really no where to be found when the celebrity was trying to convince the world that they were blissfully happy and together.

Right now they’re going through one of their phases of not speaking to each other after a headline made the news the spouse specifically planted to set the celebrity off.

The celebrity immediately blamed the spouse’s ex for causing the rift between him, and has once again set their sights on a complete public tear down.

The celebrity had been waiting to do this in court, but now feels like there’s nothing like the court of public opinion to do the dirty work.

Especially since the celebrity’s new projects are going to go head to head with the ex’s. They’ll do anything to win that battle at this point. Anything.

C-list celebrity: LeAnn Rimes
Significant other/spouse: Eddie Cibrian
Spouse’s ex: Brandi Glanville
Headline: LeAnn Rimes rants about Brandi Glanville not telling Eddie Cibrian of their son’s hospitalization


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