This B-list reality star (meaning in the genre of reality they’re B-list) recently got an A-list PR team, agent and gig, because they were slated by their network to be the next crossover star. Lots of projects are lined up, but because they’re such a loose cannon, a lot of them are in jeopardy now. They have made a couple A-list enemies as of late, and it’s caused their team to freak out and try to do as much damage control as possible. The reality star left a recent meeting in tears because one more public misstep and the team is done. This isn’t some D-list goat rodeo junior publicist in a 3rd rate PR firm, these are the big fish, and you have to swim right. Right now the person they’re trying to pacify is this A-list entertainment guru. He’s PISSED at the B-lister and has made them pretty much persona non grata in his inner circle after their latest public gaffe. The reality star’s team is freaking out over this, because once the A-lister blackballs them, it’s pretty much over for the B-lister. They’ll be back to the D-list goat rodeo within the year.

Reality star: Brandi Granville “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”
A-list entertainment guru: Mohamed Hadid
(claimed that Mohamed Hadid slept with Joanna Krupa while married to Yolanda Foster, and that Joanna’s pussy smelled)


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