For the first time that I can remember, I heard something really nasty about this A+ list celebrity with A+ list name recognition. She does a lot of things, but one she does not do very well made her the most money. Other than being married to her A+++ list celebrity husband. Anyway, she has said previously that she only wants normal sized models to appear in her fashion line. Normal meaning like average people. A person new to her staff did just that and lined up a bunch of normal sized models. Average people. Our celebrity went ballistic and told him that stuff was just for the press and her line would look stupid if they trotted out a bunch of people who looked fat in her clothes and they are made for people size 0-4 so they need size zeros plus one person who is a size four to make themselves look good.

Victoria Beckham (didn’t sing very well, but made most money as Posh Spice)


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