This trade publication knew the story about the billionaire pedophile and the former studio head hanging out with underage girls together.

They just refused to publish it until after his death because they didn’t want to lose ad revenue from all the companies her controlled.

The Hollywood Reporter

Jeffrey Epstein

Sumner Redstone
Sumner Murray Redstone was an American billionaire businessman and media magnate. He is the founder and chairman of the second incarnation of Viacom which was dissolved in 2019 and was the majority owner and chairman of the National Amusements theater chain.

Christine Peters: My 18-Year Relationship With Sumner Redstone (Guest Column)

Christine Peters recounts the late mogul’s marriage proposal and a strange dinner the couple had with Jeffrey Epstein and two apparently underage girls.

August 19, 2020 8:27pm

I first met Sumner Redstone in 1996 when I was working with Robert Evans and we were at Paramount. We had a producing deal, and we were up for renewal. Bob asked me to come to The Palm to meet Sumner. My first impression was that he was very stoic and very, very powerful. He looked me in the eye and said, “You’re going to have a steak.” And I said, “I’m not really that hungry.” And he goes, “I’m ordering you a steak, and you’re going to eat it.” I was like, “OK.” I couldn’t say no to that.

And I pitched him what our slate looked like. He was very excited about it, said, “Great. Let’s keep moving.” And from that point on, Sumner was a very, very big supporter of Bob and me and the company. We proceeded to make The Out-of-Towners. We then became very good friends and we started to spend more time together. Then, Bob had his stroke, and Sumner was flying in every weekend to see him. It was from that period that Sumner and I became very close because we were both obviously very much concerned for Bob and spent a lot of time in the hospital with him after that stroke, which came out of nowhere. It was around that time he had asked me to go to Sardinia because Silvio Berlusconi was a friend of his and had offered him his house. I thought about it and said, “Why not? I haven’t been to Sardinia.” He said, “I’ll fly you there. We’ll go for like, just a week.”

Silvio’s house was amazing, and then when we came back our relationship had hit the press and everybody was going nuts. Then I had to go to Europe to visit my family in Amsterdam, and I took my two daughters. About three weeks later he flew to Paris to meet us there. He took me to dinner at La Tour d’Argent. He wanted me to meet a friend of his who happened to be in Paris at the same time. His name was Jeffrey Epstein, who joined us with two girls who I thought were his daughters. But Jeffrey said he was flying them on his jet to the South of France to meet their parents. They looked to be 15 or 16. We had a lovely dinner, and I thought nothing of this. Of course, that was pretty common: If you have private jets, you take your friends’ kids. You give them a lift. I never, never thought anything more of that until recently.

It was in Paris that the paparazzi surrounded us wherever we went, and all those photos ended up on the front page of the gossip magazines. At that point, Sumner and his then-wife [Phyllis Gloria Raphael] got divorced. When he got divorced, he decided then that he was going to marry me and I kept saying to him, “I’m not ready. Like, let’s play this out.” I was being as nice as I could, but you know, I just didn’t see myself married to him because he was so demanding and got his way in everything he did. I felt that if I married him, he owned me. As long as I was my own person, we had a great relationship. But if he owned me, it would change, and I didn’t want it to change. I wanted my career. – Source

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