This A/A- list mostly comic movie actress needs rehab but her people are telling her she is fine and that she can just get some coaching if she wants.

They don’t want the money train to stop.

If she keeps going like this, she will be dead.

Amy Schumer

Amy Schumer squats in shrubs in new snap to celebrate success of I Feel Pretty on Instagram

Amy Schumer found an unusual way to celebrate the success of her latest comedy I Feel Pretty.

The 37-year-old shared a snap of herself squatting in some shrubbery on Instagram on Friday.

‘I’m proud to say that “I Feel Pretty” has made 88.4 million dollars so far,’ she declared in the caption. Along with Blockers and Game Night it is in the top 3 grossing comedies of the year.

‘In a time when everything is about perception I wanted to let anyone who follows me know that after all the criticism saying I had no right to play this role or people mad at the trailer the people have spoken and they love this movie. – Source

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