A record label had a chance to sign this one named A list singer who has a crush on an A+ lister that just does not disappoint.

They didn’t sign her because they thought she was too “dark.”

Yes, this will be revealed.


Chris Evans

Lizzo Jokes She & Chris Evans Should Star in Whitney Houston’s ‘The Bodyguard’ Remake

Lizzo has heard her calling to the silver screen loud and clear, especially after her and Cardi B’s “Rumors” music video made fans want the “Juice” artist to be cast for the live-action Hercules movie. But there’s one film she’s particularly interested in for the starring role.

On Wednesday (Sept. 15), Lizzo posted a TikTok video reacting to the news that The Bodyguard, the 1992 romantic thriller film starring Whitney Houston and Kevin Costner, is getting a remake. Twitter went wild with fan theories about which musician star would reprise Houston’s main role, throwing out names such as Doja Cat, Camila Cabello, Beyoncé, Rihanna and Adele. Variety reported that duos including Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson as well as Channing Tatum and Cardi B have been suggested for the film.

But Lizzo gave her stamp of approval for a more perfect pairing: her and her “boo” Chris Evans.

In the “Rumors” singer’s TikTok, she first reacts to the announcement of the new Bodyguard film by using the “What are we talking about?” trend and seemingly holding up the news tweet with her hand. But another tweet suggesting Lizzo and The Avengers star should be the co-leads wipes the confused look off of her face and replaces it with a sultry, satisfied one, when she asks again — this time more pleased, “What are we talking about?”

“What y’all think?” Lizzo asked her nearly 19 million TikTok followers with a smirking emoji. But we know what the “Truth Hurts” singer thinks, and she’s all hands on deck. – Source

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