The streaming service is not happy with the alliterate one or her puppy husband.

They are way behind schedule and what they have done isn’t going to work in the context of the project they pitched.


Meghan Markle

Prince Harry

Harry’s secret mic? Tell-tale wire poking out of prince’s pocket suggests he and Meghan may be recording their New York visit as part of multi-million dollar Netflix and Spotify deals

A wire was spotted poking from the prince’s shirt and into his chino pocket as he leaned forward to hug Melba restaurant owner Melba Wilson Friday afternoon

In other photos, what appeared to be a dark wire is seen around his neck

Meghan, 40, meanwhile has sported unusually heavy, long coats for all of their engagements, which would hide any mic system from view

Since quitting the royal family, the couple founded production company Archewell Productions

They also struck a $100 million five-year deal with Netflix and $25 million podcast deal with Spotify

The couple has been working to carve out careers in Hollywood since quitting their roles as senior working members of the royal family last January.

The couple founded production company Archewell Productions and struck a five-year deal with Netflix in the fall, which is rumored to be worth around $100 million.

In December, they announced an exclusive deal – worth an estimated $25 million -with Spotify for their Archewell Audio podcast, which they said would include podcasts and programming ‘that uplifts and entertains audiences around the world.’

Spotify said a full series would launch in 2021 but, as of September, the couple have only released one holiday special in December which featured their son Archie and Elton John.

Harry also recently took part in a six-episode series on mental health for Apple TV+ called The Me You Can’t See. – Source

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