When the Manhattan cult case goes to trial, front and center as witnesses will be the mother-in-law of this A list mostly movie actor and the wife of the actor, both of whom are very prominent members of the cult and were “teachers” of several victims.

Cult: Odyssey Study Group

Mother-in-law: Cynthia May

Movie actor: Adam Driver

Wife: Joanne Tucker

Two ex-members of secretive NYC ‘cult’ say they paid $400 a month to serve as ‘assistants, cooks and drivers’ for actress and founder who lived life of luxury at the Plaza Hotel

The women are asking for reimbursement for thousands of hours of unpaid labor

Stephanie Rosenberg and Marjorie Hochman filed a lawsuit against the ‘ultra-secret cult’ Odyssey Study Group in Manhattan

Supreme Court on Monday

They say they worked as cooks, personal assistants and driver for free

They allegedly witnessed child abuse, arranged marriages and financial crimes

They joined in 2005 and defected in 2016 and 2019, according to the lawsuit

OGS was founded by actress Sharon Gans, who died in January at age 85

She allegedly ran a similar scheme in San Francisco in the 1970s

At the time of her death, she lived in an $8.5 million apartment in the Plaza Hotel – Source

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