This cybersecurity firm is the “person” behind a hack of some very private information from a variety of wealthy sex workers.

They only chose the popular/wealthy ones and are trying to sell them really expensive software so the leaks don’t happen again.


OnlyFans DENIES it was hacked and insists cybercriminals ‘purchased, compiled and then illegally hosted content’ after explicit photos of celebs, including Bella Thorne, were leaked

Explicit photos of hundreds of OnlyFans performers, including Bella Thorne, have reportedly been leaked online by hackers

According to BackChannel, a security company that studies the behavior of cybercriminals, a link to a Google Drive folder was shared on a hacker forum

BackChannel founder Aaron DeVera said Google Drive folder contained folders for 279 OnlyFans creators, with one folder having 10GB of videos and photos

OnlyFans confirmed to Wednesday the incident was not a hack

A company spokesperson said: ‘There is a group of people purchasing, compiling and then illegally hosting content’ – Source

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