It’s been all about catfights these days, so let’s just keep the trend going… These two C-list celebrities turned fashion designers are mostly known for their abilities to be really, really skinny and bitchy (because they’re hungry) are close friends in real life even though their fashion lines are direct competitors. They attended an event together recently that two reality stars decided to crash. Yep, these two…who are trying desperately to get their own show, showed up to this high end charity event with a camera crew in tow, and completely crashed it. Why weren’t they thrown out? Well, one of the reality star’s husband, a B-list athlete, wrote a huge check for the foundation. If they didn’t let her in, even though she declined the invitation weeks earlier, she would make sure the check was torn up. She and the other reality star, a former C-lister now looking for a list…any list…to be on, were allowed inside, but the camera crew wasn’t. Well, the C-list designers went to the powder room together and found the two reality stars doing what they love to do…a whole bunch of blow. One of the designers is sober, and the other is pregnant, so they went OFF. Chewed the party crashers out, then went to the director of the event and told them that they would double the donation the reality star’s husband made if they kicked the dynamic duo out. So the event director found a way to peacefully get the two to exit. There was a staging area for the silent auction items in a conference room that they were allowed to sit in and film with their crew the rest of the night. The designers made sure to tell everyone what had happened. They’re bitches that way.

C- list fashion designers: Nicole Richie/Rachel Zoe
Reality star/athlete husband: Kristin Cavallari/Jay Cutler
C- list reality star: Gretchen Rossi


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