If you’ve seen the photos of her husband out with a very young model, it should come as no surprise that this angelic film actress has separated from her showbiz husband.

This is NOT a recent occurrence.

They actually separated earlier this year!

We also learned that the model is not the first woman the husband has seen outside of his marriage.

While it must hurt to see her husband fooling around with a woman half her age, it shouldn’t come as a complete surprise to our actress that he is moving on while still married.

We recall that when our actress first met him many years ago… he left his wife for her.

The actress and her husband do not have any kids together, so the divorce shouldn’t be too complicated.

If they do make a public announcement, it will likely be done quietly and over the holidays to minimize the amount of attention.

Kate Beckinsale
Husband: Len Wiseman
Model: CJ Franco

Source: http://blindgossip.com

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