I know the mogul likes to stay young by taking his yacht overseas and doing damage to the young men he finds along the way, but he is getting a ton of pushback from guys when he tries that here.

Long gone are the days when he can just throw his name around and make people panic into taking his money.

There were some really ugly incidents earlier this spring that have him unwelcome and unwanted here.

Even his long time boyfriend from several years ago, has spoken out against the mogul and what has been happening.

David Geffen

Jeremy Lingvall

Billionaire David Geffen, 69, splits from toyboy lover 41 years his junior after six years together

He has enjoyed a trip to the White House, a house in Malibu and jaunts with Hollywood stars.

But now after six years of a life he could only dream of, former California college student Jeremy Lingvall has finally split from his partner, billionaire media mogul David Geffen.

The pair have parted ways because ‘the relationship had simply run its course’, the New York Post reported.

A source also claimed that there was ‘nobody else involved’.

The decision to part ways brings down the curtain on one of the most talked about relationships in recent times, not least because of the 41-year age difference.

When they first started dating, Lingvall was met with a hostile reception among some gay commentators and blogs with claims that he was using Geffen as a ‘sugar daddy’.

On the face of it the criticism seemed justified – as the two could not be further apart.

Lingvall, 28, is a surfer and graduate of the University of California Santa Barbara, although on a social networking website he described it as ‘The University of Casual Sex and Booze’. – Source

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