She would have you believe it is a perfect relationship.

She envisions it as a perfect relationship.

She tells friends it is perfect.

You will rarely not see her smiling when discussing her relationship or standing next to her boyfriend.

She has always wanted a perfect Disney type relationship and does not want to have to face the world when it collapses.

It would have collapsed already if not for her willingness to put up with his behavior.

Whether it is the fights where he slams her against the wall if she questions where he was or who he was with.

There was the time when he beat her because he suspected she was trying to trap him into having a baby. Apparently he found a full package of pills and yelled at her and started hitting her for not taking them before she showed him that she had been using a different package.

She would love to marry him.

She thinks it would be perfect.

She thinks she can change him.

She has changed so much for him.

Everything he tells her to do from losing weight to what to eat and what to wear she does in an instant.

She puts up with his constant cheating and tells the interviewers about how much she loves him and how perfect everything is.

You would think our B list entertainer (singer) would wake up and move on.

She won’t.

She hated being alone and hated that her career tanked after that promising start that gave so many before her a boost.

Jordin Sparks (“American Idol” winner)
Jason DerĂ¼lo


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