This girl has been a star for many years, but her wild behavior as of late indicated that her problems were not just the result of having worked too hard or partied too much. Some originally speculated that her drug use had tripped off her irrational behavior. However, there may be a darker explanation. While there are multiple issues contributing to her behavior, one of the diagnoses she received when seen by doctors was surprising to friends and family. They were told that she has PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). The public explanation is that she is angry about having to work so hard since she was young. However, PTSD is not caused by hard work. Something happened to her when she was still a minor that resulted in this diagnosis. She was seriously assaulted by someone that she trusted. A police report was never filed, as it was thought at the time that such a scandal would irreparably harm her career. The whole incident was hushed up, and she resumed working, but she was deeply traumatized by the incident/s and angry that those around her didn’t do more to help her. Those close to her are now talking among themselves trying to figure out how to get her help for this trauma while concurrently trying to figure out how to publicly explain the trauma in a way that doesn’t make everyone around her look bad. They are really hoping that the media doesn’t find out the details of the story, and that the girl can get well and start working again as if nothing ever happened.

Popular guess: Amanda Bynes


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