This former A+ list reality star/porn star who was hated turned celebrity says she was beaten by an ex but has not wanted to share what happened because there is a second half to the story where they were both wasted on coke.

There is a lot of hate between the pair.

Paris Hilton

Nick Carter

Aaron Carter drags Paris Hilton into his vicious fight with brother Nick by resurfacing abuse allegations

The battle between brothers Aaron and Nick Carter has gotten vicious.

On Tuesday night, it was revealed that the Backstreet Boys member had obtained a restraining order against his younger sibling, who seems to be having a very public meltdown. In response, Aaron had launched an especially nasty attack on his brother, dredging up rape and abuse allegations against Nick as ammunition.

One of the tweets Aaron posted after he revealed he had been served with the restraining order said, “I have never been accused of rape multiple times. I wasn’t accused of beating Paris Hilton. Who’s VIOLENT?”

Of course, that’s directed at Nick, who denied physically abusing Hilton in 2004 after the socialite was photographed with a fat lip and bruises on her arms. Page Six reported at the time that Hilton told a friend that Carter had hit her. The pair, who were on and off for 10 months, split for good. Carter downplayed any drama in his 2013 book, Facing the Music and Living to Talk About It, saying that they were just a bad match because he was struggling with drug dependency and she “fed my worst impulses as far as partying.”

Hilton hasn’t publicly replied to Aaron’s tweet.- Source

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