There has been a lot of talk behind the scenes whether or not to change the way awards are presented at this big movie self congratulating event.

Producers of the telecast are worried there will be some kind of demonstration or protest during one presentation in particular, especially because everyone will know its coming. The producers would not mind at all if that presenter just begged off or called in sick or something to make it go away.

Casey Affleck

Presenting Oscar’s Best Actress Award

Casey Affleck shouldn’t present Oscar’s Best Actress Award due to sexual harassment claims, petition says

A director launched an online petition to bar Casey Affleck from presenting the Best Actress award at next year’s Academy Awards due to the sexual harassment allegations against him.

Filmmaker Cameron Bossert started the petition following a slew of sexual misconduct allegations against disgraced Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein, who was booted from the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences last month. – Source

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