There are about 45 minutes of a world famous interview with a foreign born permanent A list celebrity who is now dead.

In the footage that was edited she discusses the parentage of one of her children.

Martin Bashir

Princess Diana

Prince Harry

Martin Bashir’s disgraced Diana interview features in new documentary ‘The Princess’ to be aired on Sky next month – despite Prince William’s wishes that it ‘should never be aired again’

The BBC stated this month that it will never air or licence the interview again

Martin Bashir used false bank statements to gain access to Diana and lied to her

Prince William and Prince Harry have condemned the interview’s ‘false narrative’

The Princess will air on August 14 and is made from contemporaneous footage

A documentary of Princess Diana’s life is to be aired on Sky next month and is set to include footage of her interview with former BBC journalist Martin Bashir – despite Prince William arguing it ‘should never be aired again’.

The Princess, a documentary produced by Lightbox in collaboration with streaming service HBO and Sky, has already been shown in cinemas and is set to air on Sky on August 14.

The interview, originally broadcast by Panorama in 1995, has since been debunked after it was revealed interviewer Martin Bashir gained access and trust of Diana using falsified information.

It was watched by 23 million people and saw Diana declare ‘there were three of us in this marriage’, causing a worldwide media frenzy.

It is thought to have contributed to her divorce from Prince Charles in 1996 – a year prior to her fatal car crash in the Tunnel de l’Alma in Paris.

Bashir showed Diana’s brother, Earl Spencer, false bank statements which suggested his former head of security had been receiving money from tabloids and the security services to spy on his sister.- Source

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