Do they sell babies at Babies R Us?

Because this family is trying to buy one!

Adoption agencies up and down the West coast are buzzing about the “rush order” for a white baby placed by a celebrity couple that is faking the wife’s pregnancy!

“I work for [redacted] in [a West Coast city] and we received a “rush order” for a Caucasian baby for [redacted]…

It is ridiculously hard to find a women in her third trimester who is willing to negotiate!”

Yes, we did ask what they meant by the word “negotiate.”

Our source quickly clarified that although it is definitely illegal to buy or sell children, that certain large monetary incentives make it much easier to procure an adopted child… and to keep all the transaction participants quiet!

They wouldn’t tell us the amount (although they hinted it was in the $1 million range), and they didn’t want to say whether the money was going to the attorneys, the adoption agency, the expectant mother, the hospital, the doctors, or a combination of the above.

Yes, there are a lot of people to pay off!

The only people that don’t have to be paid off are the family members of the adoptive couple, who all know about the deception but are playing along.

As of right now, it looks like they have found an expectant mother in the San Diego area and that the deal is closing just in time for the adoptive mom to avoid that fake miscarriage.

However, the birth dates don’t match up exactly, so we don’t know what they are going to do about that.

Since they have already faked the sonogram and the belly and the photo shoots and a video, they will likely lie about this, too.

Kevin Jonas, Danielle Jonas


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