This frequent guest to this space is older than a Tweener but keeps on starring in Tweener shows.

She is A list actress in the Tweener world and C+ outside it.

She is in a show right now with someone who has had a very good year and is almost A list outside the Tweener world.

Anyway, our actress took time off from having sex with her dealer to having sex with a married guy she worked with and nearly destroying that marriage.

Of course that is nothing new considering how she has destroyed her own family too.

When the guy she was having an affair with finally managed to break free of her talons he called it the happiest he had been in a very long time. Our actress has moved on to another married man.

This is how she keeps working and starring in shows.

She finds men who are married who are producers and starts having sex with them so they will cast her and then starts making more and more demands on them until they crack.

The network she is glued to can’t get rid of her because she has so much dirt on every married male executive and producer in the place that she can do what she wants and will keep working.

Their only hope is that she overdoses or something and then there would be a huge murder investigation because about 10 guys would have a motive.


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