Source: Crazy Days and Nights

I often get asked who the worst casting couch director/producer/actor etc is.

There are definitely specific categories that have clear winners, but there is one individual who went above and beyond in the way he treated women.

He owned adult magazines, but also non adult magazines too. Either way, if you wanted to be on a cover and you were female you were going to sleep with him.

There were too many women who would sleep with him for him to ever put someone on the cover who wouldn’t.

There was one female singer who thought she was immune because she was fairly famous.

She didn’t end up sleeping with him, but had to orally service him in his office.

He also had levels of adult magazines.

One he called classy and the others he called less classy.

If you wanted to be in the classy one, you would sleep with him.

If he thought you belonged in one of the less classy magazines, you would have to sleep with him or fulfill some twisted perversion he could come up with involving objects or people.

If you balked, he would say bye.

No one ever balked.

They were desperate at that point to keep their fame.

Bob Guccione
photographer and the founder of the adult magazine Penthouse in 1965

Adult magazines: Omni, Viva, Longevity


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